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I was getting ready for a meeting the other day, applying my makeup and had a phone call. I took the call, chatted a little and continued getting ready. While driving to the meeting I realized I may not have finished my eye makeup. I knew I put mascara on one eye but I was running a little late at that point and didn’t take a final look so I wasn’t sure if I did the other eye before taking the call. Now I was faced with a dilemma, do I look in the mirror to know for sure? I don’t carry makeup with me so if I didn’t finish, there wasn’t anything I could do about it. If I look and I didn’t finish, do I say something when I get to the meeting so I can get this out of the way immediately? What would my opening be? Will anyone even say anything to me or will they just take glances hoping I’m not aware that they are staring at me?  If I know and then act surprised, I would be telling a fib when I exclaim, “Oh my” and then explain what happened. It may be fine and I may have finished. I struggle with these little things that challenge my character; the big ones are much easier to know what to do. So what do you think…did I look?


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I’m Thinking Orange

It’s time to prep for Thanksgiving and I realize once again this year that I’m surrounded by the color orange. The branches on the trees are barely holding on to vibrant leaves before winter steals those few that are left. The grocery stores are filled with pumpkins, gourds, sweet potatoes; the rest of summer’s harvest. Because orange represents the changing seasons, it’s a color on the edge, the color of change between the heat of summer and the cool of winter. Van Gogh said “there is no blue without yellow and without orange”. It conjures up thoughts of good health, vibrancy, and warmth. Orange energizes and stimulates the appetite and encourages socialization which certainly aligns with a hearty Thanksgiving table. Think orange this week and Happy Thanksgiving!


Thank You

Thank a Vet every day, but make it a point today. Our son served in the military and we have many family members who either have served or are currently serving so I am acutely aware of their and their family’s sacrifices. We can’t take these brave warriors for granted and should be ever so grateful to them.

A number of years ago we visited my husband’s sister and her family. Her husband flew jets in the Navy and took us on the aircraft carrier. There was so much activity, everyone scurrying around doing their necessary jobs to keep all in tow and running smoothly. The sun was going down and suddenly everything stopped and there was total silence. The crew all faced in one direction and I had no idea what was happening until I looked in the same direction. It was sunset and they were lowering the flag for the day. I joined with the others and put my hand over my heart being truly conscious for the first time in my life how precious our lives are because of these brave men and women. I was honored and deeply moved to be a part of a ceremony that so many of us take for granted. I have never taken what we have as Americans for granted since then or forgotten those who make it possible, so thank you all.


The Switch to Darkness

Daylight Savings Time has ended and we are once again entering the dark days of winter. It’s time to dust off my Happy Light and sit in front of it for my morning bike ride to nowhere so I can trick myself into thinking that I am basking in a copious amount of daylight for a few months. It’s only been one day and I’m already bummed and the trick isn’t working. But, it did remind me of the darkness that is a result of the recent hurricane and how difficult it must be for those folks who are dealing with the terrible aftermath. That being said, I hope you have already donated to the American Red Cross to help get some light into the lives of those affected. This gave me an idea. We are told to change our batteries in our smoke alarms on New Year’s Day and the Fourth of July to keep ourselves safe. Why don’t we use the “darkness day”, Daylight Savings Time ending, to remind us to donate to the American Red Cross or the responders of your choice supporting those who aid others who have been placed into some kind of darkness. I’ve decided to annually shine some light on darkness day. Just a thought for you…